Distributor Opportunities

IDENTIGENE® offers Resellers a specialized partnership opportunity. Account Customers can easily expand their existing business to yield new revenue streams by offering the IDENTIGENE DNA paternity testing (personal and court-admissable) as well as other DNA relationship testing services.   

Benefits of Becoming an IDENTIGENE Reseller

  1. Expand existing business
  2. Additional revenue source
  3. Perpetual demand for DNA relationship testing and clinical diagnostic testing
  4. Low overhead and maintenance

Perpetual Demand for DNA Relationship Services 

According to the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services, more than 41% of all children in the US are born out of wedlock.

DNA Paternity Testing

People worldwide will always ponder the question of how well paternity confidence matches actual paternity.  To illustrate, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services December 2010 National Vital Statistics Report, more than 41% of all children are born out of wedlock in the USA alone.  Worldwide non-paternity rates are estimated to be higher than that of the U.S.  IDENTIGENE is a leader in at-home paternity testing services for individuals seeking peace-of-mind (home paternity tests) or for legal paternity testing services (court-admissable). 

The above illustration makes it easy to visualize the persistant and climbing demand for DNA relationship services, but what does the forecast for clinical diagnostic testing look like?

IDENTIGENE Provides the Following Resources for its Resellers:

  • Fully accredited Lean Six Sigma DNA Testing Laboratory Services.
  • Account support including online status, technical support, account maintenance, and test status.
  • Testing supplies such as order forms, chain-of-custody forms, swabs, and envelopes.
  • Test AssuredTM 100% accurate results typically provided in 2-3 days.
  • Training on IDENTIGENE's DNA testing services and supporting testing products.  
  • Consent to use information from IDENTIGENE's website in Reseller's customized materials.

Easy 3-Step Process

  1. Register to become an IDENTIGENE Distributor.
  2. Complete orientation with your Account Manager.
  3. Start advertising.


Happy Reselling!