IDENTIGENE Partners With Community Psychiatrist Dr. Janet Taylor to Educate Public on Healthy Approaches to Paternity Testing

Updated Mon May 13, 2013
IDENTIGENE, the DNA testing laboratory that manufactures the #1 selling DNA paternity test sold at drugstores and supercenters, has signed psychiatrist and television personality Dr. Janet Taylor as their spokesperson for the first half o…
Dr. Janet Taylor, psychiatrist and television personality, specializes in family-marriage counseling. Through informative videos, useful articles, and other web content, Dr. Janet helps educate the public regarding healthy approaches to paternity testing, ensuring that all involved persons feel respected and informed.

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We have featured the concept of DNA testing quite a few times, but it was always attached to controversy of some sort. The procedure, after all, has become something to turn to for those who, for one reason or another, end up in a situation that calls for a scientific method of determining paternity.   This article is from Home Testing Blog.    There are, however, les…
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IDENTIGENE TV. Learn how to use IDENTIGENE's Home Paternity Test kit with this short video.
Visit IDENTIGENETV.  View client testimonials and hear their paternity success stories. How-to videos illustrates the ease and simplicity of the home DNA Paternity Test kit from IDENTIGENE.     Fast, accurate and reliable results; et answers to your paternity questions and learn from others.
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