Social Media

Social Media is a great way for IDENTIGENE® to keep you up-to-date.  IDENTIGENE actively participates in social media with the intent to better engage with its customers providing important updates about our home paternity tests and other relationship testing services.


Your privacy and the protection of your personal information including test results is our paramount concern. The DNA samples and/or the DNA profile data obtained from the DNA samples may be accessible by the client who ordered the service, the sample donor, and all other participants included in the case but are not shared publicly by IDENTIGENE staff.   We respect your privacy and the confidential nature of your case.  We also do not make our customer email list, mailing list, or phone numbers available to other companies.  Visit to view the privacy policy in detail.  View the IDENTIGENE Privacy Policy for Clinical Testing.

Benefits of Engaging in Social Media

Through social media, we can...

  • provide customers with company information,
  • answer frequently asked questions,
  • keep customers up-to-date with corporate news and announcements,
  • engage customers in conversation, and
  • answer questions quickly or engage in short discussions as appropriate and in accordance of guidelines of the medium environment.

Please visit, follow us, link to us and share with us your comments using your favorite social media platform. Our involvement includes, but is not limited to, the following mediums:




DNA Paternity Testing Blog

STD Testing Blog


We look forward to interacting with you in the social sphere.  You are welcomed to view our Social Media Guidelines specific for each medium.