IDENTIGENE Management Team

The IDENTIGENE® Management Team is dedicated to excellence.  Our knowledge experts consist of experienced professionals whose leadership impacts the global DNA paternity testing industries and assures that each customer receives accurate results and exceptional service.  Our knowledge experts combine their quest for discovery with a strict adherence to detail and precision; benefiting our clients through the translation of science into marketable solutions. 

Dedicated to excellence, the entire IDENTIGENE Team provides answers to client’s questions of paternity and other relationships, and helps individuals maintain their health and wellness..  With the promise of accurate results and exceptional service our customers can Test Assured.™

Network of Resources

IDENTIGENE partners with its parent company, Sorenson Genomics, for laboratory and Research and Development services.  Sorenson Genomics is a world-leader in human genomics and DNA testing services.  A pioneer in the bio-tech industry, Sorenson Genomics has spearheaded development and influenced accreditation standards for human genomics and DNA testing services.  IDENTIGENE and Sorenson Genomics lay claim to a distributor network of over 20,000 sites.

Maintaining a highly reliable DNA testing service, Sorenson Genomics expands upon its genotyping and DNA testing expertise through continually developing new applications involving distant biological relationship tests, DNA genealogy services, and population assessment applications. Visit the Papers and Publications page on the Sorenson Genomics website to view research and other works contributed by our distinguished team of knowledge experts.


IDENTIGENE's sister company, Sorenson Forensics, is a premier forensics laboratory. As the first commercial laboratory to utilize STR technology for forensic DNA analysisSorenson Forensics has become a leader in obtaining DNA profiles from evidence which previously did not yield usable data.  Specializing in collaborative forensics, Sorenson Forenscis provides DNA case work analysis, expert testimony, and crime scene training.  Visit Sorenson Forensics to view a report of its recently solved cold case.