Our laboratory is equipped with multiple robotic DNA extraction platforms.

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IDENTIGENE® specializes in private at-home (peace-of-mind) and legal (court-admissable) proof of biological family relationships for individuals seeking answers to questions of paternity. Additionally, IDENTIGENE has expanded its genetics outreach into clinical diagnostic testing, such as STD testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea. IDENTIGENE is a pioneer in the biotech industry.  IDENTIGENE is the first and ONLY DNA paternity test offered at retail stores nationwide and the first and ONLY company to offer STD testing online through national retailers.  These products, services and outreach are supported by a world-class genetics laboratory and experienced team of knowledge experts.

Our IDENTIGENE DNA Testing Center is an independent, nationally and internationally accredited laboratory.   The IDENTIGENE Laboratory maintains the highest degree of accreditation and standards within the industry.  We are a global industry leader in high-throughput DNA extraction, DNA genotyping and DNA testing services. System controls as well as checks and balances are employed to ensure reliable and accurate test results.  

The Laboratory is equipped with multiple robotic DNA extraction platforms, liquid handling workstations and DNA analyzers which can accommodate a range of project needs from the smallest DNA extraction study to the analysis of thousands of DNA samples for STR genotypes and SNP genotypes per day.  We utilize an extensive DNA laboratory process involving bar-coded DNA samples, robotics and a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). 

Our clients benefit from our strict and highly decorated accreditation standards.  The various accrediting bodies routinely evaluate the IDENTIGENE DNA Laboratory for adherence to standards of cleanliness, competency, work quality, consumer privacy protection and results accuracy.  This accreditation process includes sample accessioning, laboratory extraction, data analysis, and secure test results reporting.  Our DNA laboratory is a Lean Six Sigma laboratory with several green belts and an esteemed black belt at its command.  Our team of experts is committed to our clients' success by providing fast, accurate and reliable test results.  

Learn more about Sorenson Genomics world-class DNA extraction, DNA genotyping and DNA testing services at SorensonGenomics.com.

IDENTIGENE partners with its parent company, Sorenson Genomics, for laboratory and Research and Development services.  Sorenson Genomics is a world-leader in human genomics and DNA testing services.  A pioneer in the bio-tech industry, Sorenson Genomics has spearheaded development and influenced accreditation standards for human genomics and DNA testing services. 

Sorenson Genomics expands upon its genotyping and DNA testing expertise through continual development of new applications involving distant biological relationship tests, DNA genealogy services, and population assessment applications. Visit the Papers and Publications page on the Sorenson Genomics website to view research and other works contributed by our distinguished team of knowledge experts.