The ONLY Paternity Test Trusted by America's Pharmacies

Paternity answers have never been easier to obtain. DNA Paternity testing results provide essential and often life-changing information. IDENTIGENE® acknowledges the story and questions behind each Paternity DNA sample and believes in the accessability of tests, results, and consultation for persons wanting answers to questions of paternity.  

More people choose IDENTIGENE every day.

  • 100% Accurate
  • 2-Day Testing
  • 20,000+ Locations
  • Online Results

Our DNA paternity testing results are reported on a single page report. The DNA paternity test report contains a DNA profile for every person in the test. The paternity test report also shows the combined parentage index (CPI) and a probability of relationship (paternity, maternity, grand parentage, etc.) indicating the strength of the result. All of this information produces a single answer to the question of paternity.   

IDENTIGENE at-home paternity test kits are availalble at local pharmacies nationwide.  It is the first and only paternity test kit trusted by retail pharmacies.  It's never been easier to have peace of mind about paternity questions.

The IDENTIGENE® DNA Testing Laboratory contains state-of-the-art equipment and analysis resources for a wide range of DNA testing services. System controls as well as checks and balancs are employed to provide reliable and accurate DNA extraction, analysis and test results. IDENTIGENE aims to produce the world's most accurate DNA paternity test and other DNA relationship tests while also providing superior quality, service and convenience to customers.

The IDENTIGENE DNA Paternity test provides 100% accurate answers to paternity questions in about 2 days.

IDENTIGENE has made Paternity Testing simple, affordable, and convenient since 1993. We are the oldest, fully-accredited, direct-to-consumer laboratory in the world.  IDENTIGENE DNA Paternity Test Kits purchased at local retail pharmacies can be upgraded to a Legal Paternity test for court admissable results.  Please contact an IDENTIGENE representative 888-404-GENE for details on upgrading to a Legal Paternity Test.