DNA Testing For Other Relationships

A Paternity Test (parentage testing) is the most reliable and direct way to answer paternity questions because it provides stronger evidence when compared to any other type of DNA test. No other test offers such conclusive results.

However, sometimes the possible father cannot be tested because he is deceased, unknown, or otherwise unavailable. In such cases, IDENTIGENE can answer paternity questions by testing another close relationship. A grandparent test, sibling test (brother or sister), or other DNA testing can provide conclusive results, but can also produce inconclusive results more often than a direct paternity test.

IDENTIGENE DNA test experts can guide you through the process, helping you understand how each test works, who can be tested, and what to expect from the results. Should you need a DNA test for a close family relationship, such as a grandparent, sibling, aunt or uncle, please contact IDENTIGENE (Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 9 PM, ET).

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IDENTIGENE® DNA Testing Laboratory 

The IDENTIGENE® DNA Testing Laboratory contains state-of-the-art equipment and analysis resources for a wide range of DNA testing services. System controls as well as checks and balancs are employed to provide reliable and accurate DNA extraction, analysis and test results. IDENTIGENE aims to produce the world's most accurate DNA paternity test and other DNA relationship test results while also providing superior quality, service and convenience to customers.