IDENTIGENE is an Industry Pioneer.

COO Douglas R. Fogg displays the IDENTIGENE DNA Paternity Test Kit.  The IDENTIGENE home paternity DNA test kit was the first to be offered in retail stores nationwide.

IDENTIGENE® is a pioneer in the home paternity testing industry.

In 1993, IDENTIGENE was the first to introduce direct-to-consumer DNA testing - a move that has revolutionized the DNA testing industry merging the gap between consumer questions and laboratory answers.  

In 1997 IDENTIGENE again advanced the industry's accessability to consumers by distributing DNA testing services online.  

In 2007 IDENTIGENE became the first DNA Paternity Test offered at retail stores nationwide.  Today, it is the ONLY DNA paternity test kit trusted by neighborhood pharmacies.  

Our Roots...

IDENTIGENE specializes in providing private at-home (peace-of-mind)  and legal (court-admissable) proof of biological family relationships for individuals seeking answers to questions of paternity as we continually endeavor to innovate and further the field of paternity testing and research.  Originally established in 1993 with expertise in paternity and forensics DNA testing, IDENTIGENE, Inc. was acquired by Sorenson Genomics, LLC in June 2007.  Once a part of the Sorenson Genomics family, IDENTIGENE geared its focus on human identity testing including paternity testing, and other DNA relationship testing. 

Our Services...

The high-throughput capacity and the industry's most reliable results allow you to Test AssuredTM.

The complete array of IDENTIGENE DNA testing services extends from relationship paternity testing to family reconstruction testing.  You can be sure that tests performed in the IDENTIGENE DNA Testing Laboratory will be fast, accurate and confidential.  The high-throughput capacity of the IDENTIGENE DNA Testing Laboratory, combined with the industry’s most reliable results and IDENTIGENE’s excellent customer support, allows each IDENTIGENE customer to Test AssuredTM.